5 Off-Season Workshops To Make You A Better Rider

Halloween is over.  The days are getting shorter and colder.  There’s no doubt that the sunshine-filled days of the riding season are winding down, what are you going to do for the next 5 months?

While some may wrap-up their bikes for the winter and pack away their gear, never to be seen again until March, our staff and customers are gearing up for an exciting and informative off-season with plenty of Hannum’s H-D Workshops!

Here are 5 off-season workshops aimed at making you a better rider:

1. Winter Riding Workshop – November 18th (Sellersville, PA)

This one’s for the real riders, who brave the cold well into November to ride on any road that doesn’t have ice on it.  Anyone who has ridden in cold weather would tell you “It’s all about having the right tools for the job.”  Our Sellersville P&A expert, Brian can attest to this, and he is excited to show you our most effective functional riding gear to keep you warm and safe on the road.  We’re also ready to go over the finer points of winter riding such as how to better prepare for and negotiate winter road conditions.


2. Infotainment Workshop – January 10th (Sellersville, PA)

You made the right choice, you bought that touring bike with the state-of-the-art H-D Infotainment System and you’re ready to get out and conquer the road… if only you can figure out how the darn thing works!  Don’t panic, just come to our workshop.  You’ll be amazed at some of the things your H-D infotainment system can do, and we’re ready to show you every last detail.  Whether it’s using the navigation features or wirelessly pairing your favorite music device, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of your infotainment system.  After all, isn’t that why you bought it in the first place?

3. Motorcycle Safety Workshop – January 13th (Rahway, NJ)

Be proactive about your motorcycling experience and learn how to better look out for one another on the road with our Motorcycle Safety Workshop.  Join special guest speaker Michael Carrig, certified EMS Paramedic, as he goes over the best habits and practices for motorcycle safety in this first response education workshop.  Bring your passengers, your M.C., your whole crew! Because there’s no such thing as riding too safely…

4. Comfort Riding – January 20th (Chadds Ford, PA)

Don’t miss our H-D Workshop debut in Chadds Ford! Get ready to melt away your post-holiday, after-new-years blues because this one’s all about comfort.  Whether you travel solo or with a passenger, learn how to extend your ride times with the latest bike features and gear to maximize your comfort on the road.  Not enough to warm you up?  Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of comfort foods to share as well!

5. Learn to Detail Workshop – February 3rd (Sellersville, PA) 

There’s no denying it… here at Hannum’s H-D we are the undisputed champions of Harley-Davidson motorcycle detailing.  Our work speaks for itself and we love doing it, but let’s be honest.  You can’t come in for a full bike detail every time you ride through a puddle or down a dirt road.  This is your chance to learn all the detailing tips and tricks from our resident expert, Greg.  Show your bike how much you love it by keeping it shiny and clean all winter with our detailing workshop!



There you have it…  If you’re not excited about learning new skills this winter, then there’s nothing we can do to help you!  See something you’re interested in?  Be sure to RSVP via Facebook, as seats tend to fill up quickly.

‘Like’ our pages below, and follow along for more updates and events all winter!


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fbsymbol-01 Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford, PA

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fbsymbol-01 Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Rahway, NJ

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